Office Of Dr. Beatz

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Welcome to the home of Dr. Beatz. An ever-evolving master of the percussive arts, Dr Beatz provides the best in massive, sequential rhythmic onslaughts. A graduate of Beat U in Metronomics, Dr Beats specializes in, Flams, Para-Diddles, 3/2 son clave, Upbeats, and never playing on the 1. When taking time off of drums, Dr Beatz enjoys playing drums. Dr. Beatz hails from a background of Drum Corps and Brazilian Samba Schools as well as speed metal and New Orleans Brass Band Traditions. Dr Beatz produces Chill-Step, Prog. House and World Grooves alongside real time video and light sequencing, for the creation of new realms of personal enjoyment. In his free time Dr Beatz enjoys climbing on rocks, doing handstands, and planning for impending Armageddon. His influences include, The Mars Volta, Shpongle, John Cage, Pretty Lights, Tipper, Tool and Led Zeppelin to name a few. Also anything that has ever made noise “EVER”. Dr Beatz hopes to one day live on a tropical island, surrounded by beautiful ladies and synthesizers. Oh and Drums, LOTS OF DRUMS.