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From The Desk Of Dr Beatz #1

Happy Thursday Fellow Beat Aficionados,

In an attempt to keep you abreast of all the fun things going on in the lab, and to circumvent that Zuckerberg fellow, I have decided to start a weekly series using the latest in deliverable technology… THE INTERNET. Each week will highlight my research progress, current events, tech news, and anything else I feel may appeal to my fellow auditory enthusiasts. So without further ado, lets dive into week 1.


On my unending quest to incorporate more musicality into my electronic prescriptions and not just “push a button and dance behind the decks”, I have become increasingly fascinated with the world of FINGER DRUMMING. An amazing way to create sounds and songs just by mashing buttons. If you can still remember Eddy Gordos dance floor combo (Forward + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle, X + Circle), than becoming a right, hot, beat machine should be just a few hours down the road. Here are a few of my favorite finger drummers in action: David “Fingers” Haynes M4sonic Infinite Sinewave Mad Zach

If you are looking to get into the finger drumming world, Mad Zach is the place to start. His sounds-packs and tutorials helped get me on my way. In fact, I made a routine of my own after modding one of my MZ favorites.


Upon drafting this letter earlier in the week, I was going to post about the huge recent activity on the sun.  However, last night, the Daily Show ran an episode that had me on the floor in stitches.  Of note, it features a hilarious look at Texas racists, a lambast of the Koch brothers picturesque American ads, and an interview with the star of a movie that (intentionally)took TWELVE YEARS to film.  So in my effort to be “efficient”, watch this episode for a great update on the hilarity that is LIFE.


I often get asked the question “Dr Beatz, whats on your iPod?”  As such, I will use this weekly publication to highlight some of my favorite new tunes.

This weeks selection comes from an artist name Tycho.  Their latest release is titled Awake and is very well crafted start to finish.  I would classify it as “hope inducing, mid-tempo electronica, with a smattering of post rock.”  It conjures thoughts of a slow motion sunrise over an urban landscape, nearly bare streets where a bustling population should reside.  Its vocal-less grooves and sound-scapes really push my sentimental buttons.  The mix is tight, the bass is simple yet punchy, and I get a recurring “Boards of Canada” vibe in select spots across the 36 minutes of playtime.  All in all, SOLID work, great for your morning routine/commute or however else you get down like a clown.



That will be it for this weeks edition.  As the days draw on, you can expect more fresh digitized content, straight to your inbox via the Ol’ Doctor.  As time goes on, my newsletter drafting skills will reach surgical precision, and one can only imagine at the possibilities in store.

Until next time.

Dr. Beatz


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  • Kdawg on November 3, 2014 at 7:06 AM Reply

    We demand video of your surgical hands performing finger drumming.

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