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From The Desk Of Dr Beatz #2

Happy Saturday Friends!!!

A lot happening in the Doctors world this week.  First and foremost I find myself in a a new world, full of possibility for advancing my psycho-cosmic agenda.  Myself and the entire office staff are relocating to the pleasant city of Seattle after getting a taste for the scene here, a scene unknowingly anticipating the Doc’s latest prescriptions. More on that in the coming months.  For now lets get down and dirty with some of the coolness to come across my desk in the last weeks:


WE LANDED ON A FREAKING COMET, enough said.  Things seem to have gone dark on the mission after a brief 57 hours, but nonetheless, we did it. High fives for humanity. Alas, in aiming for the stars, we sometimes stumble and fall. Such was the case with this failed rocket launch a few weeks ago.  Of comfort is the fact no one was injured, and we get some great footage of things exploding.  (Admit it, you like explosions.)


The illustrious hyphen (-) allows me an attempt to describe this next work, which really has to be seen and heard.  Tim Exile, an experimental sound artist, gives a ripping demo at Tedx, CERN edition.  Sampling the audience, and the output of the worlds largest particle accelerator itself, he builds a sound scape into a dance beat and gets the crowd of nerds out their seats.  Truly next level stuff.


In this section, we take a little trip back in time.  In this ever-changing world, it is important to know your roots, remembering the path traveled to get to where we are today.  This week, we look at the evolution of today’s “EDM” scene, a history fraught with police raids, fueled by stingy politicians, forcing their neo-christian agenda down the throats of the youth.  We here in the Beatz community salute the efforts of these early “electro pilgrims” for bringing us modern day festivals, warehouse parties, mind-altering substances and the freedom to dance.  A big shout out to all those who sacrificed so much for the right to dance.

And since we are talking about the sacrifice of the past, we give an even larger shout out and thank you to the veterans who have built and protect this amazing (albeit bizarre) United States.  Regardless of your political affiliation, views on war etc, I hope we can all agree to respect and honor those altruistic souls who are willing to lay down their lives in pursuit of a better tomorrow.  Without the dedication of these men and women, who knows how much crazier this (already crazy) world could be.  Show some love and hug a vet today.


As is (and will be) the case each week, we highlight some of the sonic sounds radiating forth from a select ensemble of forward thinking auditory manufactures.  This week brought forth a new source of continual enjoyment, as I discovered a new streaming and (Seattle) local radio station: KEXP.  Open source(commercial free, user funded) radio makes the world a better place, avoiding the corporate influence and focusing on the music that makes this sometimes harsh existence a little more bearable.  I try to focus on a single artist each week, but felt I should account for my bias (of Beatz and wub wubs) and feature a less bassy/rhythmic centered group in addition to my first choice.  What lured me into featuring both artists, was their experimental sounds and hauntingly amazing vocals.  SRSLY!!!

SOHN – A Vienna based producer and stunning vocalist, SOHNs vocal styles are reminiscent of pop-based love/heartbreak songs, with a radically different backing sound and composition structure.  Songs similar to Radiohead come to mind, yet still a sound all their own. Capturing sounds and twisting them to backing tracks, followed by down-tempo flowing keyboard melodies, breaking into a chill glitch beat that had me dancing in harmonic shivers.  Watch his full KEXP studio session, or if pressed for time, my favorite song comes in at 12:15.

London Grammer – A keyboard and guitar provide stable backing to this group centered around a ridiculously talented vocalist.  I chose to include them this week in an effort to balance my bias for Beatz.  Certainly you can appreciate the simplicity of their sounds, which fuse into a soundscape capable of shifting your soul to enlightened mode.  I invite the listener to experience this group using your favorite “adulterant”, laying on a plush carpet in a candle-lit room.  You wont be disappointed.

And speaking of grammar, who’s up for a little Yak-Shaving?


As the Beatz office shifts its physical location westward, we hope to stay on top of our weekly(ish) reports on all things awesome.  As the winter months roll in, I hope to bring warmth to the hearts of my hometown, Midwestern crew, in the form of new tunes and events that will lift winter-warn spirits.  On that note, I lave you with a satirical yet highly spot on depiction of the joke that is the American justice/political system.  Comedy is a vehicle to transcend suffering, thus hoping your day takes a turn for the better starting here and now.


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  • Theo F Baby on December 9, 2014 at 12:58 PM Reply

    Nice, Dr. Keep it up.

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