Office Of Dr. Beatz

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Why CS is awesome – WBW post

I recently wrote a fairly long “comment” on one of my favorite forums Wait But Why. The site hosts a weekly discussion section called The Dinner Table where individuals debate topics and hopefully enlighten each other with positive reasoning and sentiment. Last weeks topic was especially awesome, it invited readers to teach the community something […]

From The Desk Of Dr Beatz #2

Happy Saturday Friends!!! A lot happening in the Doctors world this week.  First and foremost I find myself in a a new world, full of possibility for advancing my psycho-cosmic agenda.  Myself and the entire office staff are relocating to the pleasant city of Seattle after getting a taste for the scene here, a scene […]

From The Desk Of Dr Beatz #1

Happy Thursday Fellow Beat Aficionados, In an attempt to keep you abreast of all the fun things going on in the lab, and to circumvent that Zuckerberg fellow, I have decided to start a weekly series using the latest in deliverable technology… THE INTERNET. Each week will highlight my research progress, current events, tech news, […]

Electric Overcoat makes its debut

Dr Beatz debuts the electric overcoat, part of his continuing A/V stimulus research. The latest result of my Visual stimulus research has revealed stunning results. I am proud to present: TheElectric Overcoat!!!  We are still in the clinical testing phase on this, but the first round seems to show very promising results.  Updates to come…

The Dr Is In

This full moon Friday marks the debut of Dr Beatz’ first album and live performance setup. All hands on deck to witness the worlds first recorded ‘open mind surgery’ in front of a live audience.  Friday also marks the start of the good(bad) Dr’s first residency, post Med School.  There is much to celebrate: life, […]